Our Mandate


Brakpan Bus Company is broadly guided by policy directives enunciated in the Public Transport Strategy and Action Plan 2007, EMM’s Modal Integration Strategy and Action Plan 2009, and Ekurhuleni Integrated Rapid Transport Network.

The overarching policy mandate emphasizes the provision of an integrated, economically and environmentally sustainable, high quality, affordable, safe, reliable and efficient public transport that is accessible to citizens of Ekurhuleni.

Although Brakpan Bus Company (BBC) is registered as a company under the Companies Act, it is a  municipality owned entity (SoC), 100% owned by City of Ekurhuleni under the Department of Transport Planning and Provision. The Entities strategic objective in conjunction with that of the Department is aimed at subscribing to EMM’s Growth and Development Strategy for 2055 which has a focus on Urban Reform, Economic Development, Environmental wellbeing and Social Cohesion.